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Bison Solar has built a reputation by deploying outstanding price-performance ratio solar plants that exceed customer expectations, by maximizing returns and mitigating risks. Our recognized capabilities across the entire value chain enable us to manage all phases of the solar development cycle, from module manufacturing to site identification to the grid connection and subsequent plant operation.


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Bison Solar's blend of product quality, innovative features, company reliability and commitment to sustainable future makes us the ideal brand for your solar project. Bison Solar believes in continuously investing in development of new Solar Technologies and advanced Photovoltaic Systems that gives our products a leading edge

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High efficiency, cutting edge technology and safety consists three pillars of what we call "Quality" Every Bison Solar employee is responsible for providing the highest quality service


A name you can bank upon, Bison Solar is synonymous with reliability,is highly focused to provide most efficient and high performance solar panels and committed to offer products that last longer than industry requirements.

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We believe we have a positive role to play in meeting growing renewable energy demand around the world.